They need to make a decision

How many times have you been in a meeting or a conversation where the royal “they” is referenced?

“They” need to figure out X.
When “they” make a decision about Y.
If only “they” would do the right thing….

It’s been humbling in the last year to be in many meetings where myself and others realized that we are actually “they”. No one else is going to make the decision. No one else has a clearer view of currently reality. No one else has more information. No one else is going to take responsibility.

Taking ground and making progress thus means that “we”/”I” have to decide and have full responsibility.

Things have a way of seeming so simple until you realize that “they” actually involves you.

A colleague wisely stated, “They need to lead and we are they.”

What decision are you waiting for “them” to make that is actually yours to make and own?


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