The first step

All the productivity gurus talk about breaking down projects into smaller steps and when you’re stuck figuring out how to take the smallest step possible.

I know all this and yet it’s still hard. Today I finalled forced myself to write a five minute email to someone who was willing to help me with something fairly major but I’ve been paralyzed on for a while.

The emotional burden I was carrying for the last month lifted almost immediately after hitting send. “How could I be so stupid?” I thought to myself. I wasted a ton of brain cycles thinking about this for a month and all I needed to do was take five minutes to send an email to engage willing help on the matter.

How could sending a text, writing an email or picking up the phone for just five minutes today, save you hours in the next month?


1 thought on “The first step

  1. And I thought I was the only one who struggled like that 🙂


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