Idea for Summer Bible Reading Plan :: YouVersion

For those who follow this blog because you minister to college students.

At this time of year, many of you are meeting with your students to help them develop a plan for continued spiritual growth.  I know a good plan includes good time for reading the Bible.

For your tech savvy students you might want to suggest YouVersion.  It’s a really cool app developed by for reading the Bible and interacting with others.  It works on Blackberries, iPhones and Androids.

They have a variety of reading plans.  The plans provide a really convenient way to know what to read and track what you’ve read.  Some of the reading plans that caught my eye include – “Bible in 90 Days” and “New Thru 30” (New Testament in 30 days).

Do you know any other good resources for summer Bible reading plans?


1 thought on “Idea for Summer Bible Reading Plan :: YouVersion

  1. Love YouVerson!! Currently, I’m reading the Chronological plan and as a history major I love it. Great read. Maybe students could try and do the 90 day plan and read through the whole Bible over the summer. The great thing is that you take your Bible with you wherever you go assuming you have a smart phone. Great stuff from youversion. Thanks for the suggestion Russ!


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