Why you need to share


A colleague recently commented, “Russ you have an inherent need to share…”

Here’s what I think is behind my sharing and why I think you need to learn to share.

1. Sharing prevents re-inventing the wheel. This is especially helpful when resources are limited.  If a colleague is successful in another city, it’s helpful if she tells you what happening and the tools she’s using that contribute to her success.

2. Sharing helps in re-inventing the wheel. By knowing what others have tried that hasn’t worked we prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes.  This can also further innovation, because by making tweaks we iterate and improve on previous attempts.

3. Sharing connects you with like-minded people. When you connect with like-minded people you hear of new ideas, get helpful feedback and surface partnership opportunities.

4. Sharing establishes you as a person who adds value to others. Leadership is influence.  Sharing influences others.

How has sharing benefited you?


4 thoughts on “Why you need to share

  1. Agreed! I like sharing for all these reasons. So, ditto!


  2. Good thoughts. I need to remember to share what I’m thinking and doing more often!


  3. Yes, Jerry, I read all the blogs posts you write and other things you share. You’ve got a ton of expertise we can all benefit from.


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