If you want me to reply to your email – ask me a question

Non-profit leaders are busy changing the world and don’t have a lot of time to answer emails.  We can help our organizations be more effective by helping our people use email effectively.

A tip I’ve picked up is to clearly identify the purpose of your email in the first line.

ex. “This is for your information…” (This tells me that I can read this in a non-urgent way.  It also tells me that I am not expected to respond).

ex. “Please respond by Friday… I am requesting…” (This tells me what you want and by when).

You’re more likely to get engagement from me over email by not making me guess at the purpose of your email.


2 thoughts on “If you want me to reply to your email – ask me a question

  1. What?!?! You can’t read my mind?!


  2. dude i just delete those emails. there i said it. i feel better already 🙂

    seriously i delete so many emails now assuming if that person really wants an answer from me they will connect w me in a more urgent or clear manner (better formatted email, text msg, phone call).

    it’s a challenge in ministry because so many people still treat email personally–it makes it hard for me to give short brief replies for fear of hurting their feelings or being seen as rude, when in fact i’m just trying to get to zero so i can play w my kids.


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