Two tools to help you share

Last week I wrote about why you need to share.  Here are two simple tools you can use to cultivate the minset of sharing.

Twitter – Influence your tribe 140 characters at a time

  • Share things you are learning or reading
  • Link to people that will add value to your followers
  • Link to articles that you are reading

(Note: Making 85 updates a day, telling people you are riding the bus, eating chocolate cake etc… is not hugely valuable in my opinion.  Check out why Twitter work for me for a global leaders non-profit leader’s perspective on using this tool.)

RSS Reader like Google Reader – Leaders are readers.  Share what you are reading.  (What is RSS?)

  • I examine nearly all the posts friends share via Google Reader
  • Sharing posts you like helps identify blogs your circle of influence can also benefit from

What tools do you use to help you share?


3 thoughts on “Two tools to help you share

  1. Yup. I agree. Personally I love to share things through facebook as well, since that is currently where I have the most contact with the most broad spectrum of people. I am thankful for finally figuring out a great service like HootSuite because I can share things to my twitter, facebook and blog all at the same time. Now only if HootSuite had an RSS readers as well….


  2. Good to know – I was wondering how the sharing works on Google Reader. I too now have formed the habit of reading all shared materials – but find it overwhelming if I had more connections on Google Reader. I keep my connections on that low for now.


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