Idea: At your next team meeting, require attendees to bring a list of twenty (20) good ideas that would push your mission forward. You can’t get into the meeting unless you show your list.  Have your team discuss which idea is the best and could be implemented in the next 60 days.

Here are five ideas I can think of off the top of my head (relevant to my cause).

  1. Use social media to collect donations
  2. Issue official documents/receipts via a service like epost
  3. Teach everyone in the organization how to use wikis
  4. Show senior leadership how to use an RSS reader
  5. Purchase wireless credit card processors for event registrations

It’s important that your team makes the connection to what they do on a daily basis to accomplishing your mission.  Getting better is everyone’s responsibility.  If people on your team are just putting in time, use an exericise like the above to help build ownership.

I got this idea from Axiom by Bill Hybels.  See #10 – The Value of a Good Idea


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