What your job is not

It’s not about the truck.  It’s about the life.

If you work in operations for a non-profit your job is not processing the donations.  Nor is it running the servers, nor is it hiring and firing, nor is it coding software.  No, it’s not running the photocopier nor answering the phone either.  It’s also not preparing legal documents or running events.

Your job is to help transform lives.  Your job is to end poverty, to increase literacy, to strengthen marriages, to help students discover God’s purpose for their life or whatever your cause might be.  Changed lives is your bottom-line measurement and why you get up each day.

Think about it.  In order to accomplish their mission, World Vision needs trucks to deliver food.  In fact, they need someone to drive the trucks, someone to buy the food, someone to coordinate the logistics, someone to process the donations, someone to pay the suppliers, and someone to run the website.  These are all very necessary and important jobs, but not the focus.  When someone donates money to World Vision, they aren’t donating towards a truck that delivers food aid, they are giving to see a life changed.

Get good at connecting what you do to the changed life.


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