Mobilizing a tribe

Tribes are about connection.  Connection to a cause, connection to an idea, and connection to people.  This blog is for a tribe.

It’s for the tribe of people who dedicate their best hours working towards seeing changed lives.  For this tribe, their bottom-line isn’t revenue minus expenses, it isn’t market capitalization, it isn’t traffic to a website.  The bottom-line for this tribe is seeing poverty eliminated, fathers lead in their homes, and students satisfying their Soul Cravings.

It’s for the tribe of people who have long been stuck in the back office but know their input and leadership is essential for missional success.  This tribes knows that the way non-profits have traditionally been run won’t cut it in the years ahead.  This tribes knows that technology empowers the mission and without their influence and expertise, the cause is unlikely to succeed.

It’s for the tribe of people who see the world without geographical boundaries.  For this tribe, they are friends with people they’ve never met.   The organizational boundary porous and blurry.  Collaboration is king.  Email is bad.  Knowledge is shared.  Accomplishing the mission is a global effort.

Welcome to the tribe.


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