Seeing is believing

For many people, including myself, they need to see something with their own eyes to believe it.

Tired of meetings that waste your time? Spend one minute in preparation for each minute you expect the next meeting you’re leading to last. This could be by sending a clear agenda, having pre-meeting conversations, or writing asynchronous communication to those that need to be informed but don’t need to be present.

Sick of getting emails that aren’t important? Send only five emails today. Imagine that each one cost you 10 bucks to send.

Discouraged by colleagues that can’t seem to tell your donors the story they need to hear about the impact you’re having. Share a changed-life story today on social media from a cause that’s doing it well.

Model the change you want to see and slowly, day by day, the unbelieving will come to see there is a better way.


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