Time and important things

Bottom line: We make time for things that are important to us.

Runners run.
Writers write.
Chefs cook.
Leaders influence.
Readers read.

The old adage holds true. If you want to know what’s important to someone, look at their schedule.

I’m learning to never say, “I don’t have time.” What that phrase really means is that it’s not important or I’m not organized enough to execute something. Life is about choices and how we spend the 24 hours each day that we’ve been given says a lot about what we value. (No one on the planet gets more or less than 24 hours in a day).

Victims claim, “I didn’t have time to do x,y,z  because a,b,c happened to me.”
Champions assert, “Even though a,b,c is happening to me, I’m choosing to x and y, but not z, (and I’m secure with it).”

The whirlwind of life will always be present. How we choose to lean into it says a lot about our characters and values.

With two kids under two and preparing to make an international move, my discretionary time has been crushed to nil. On one hand, I feel like blaming my circumstances and listing off all the things I don’t have time for because of my circumstances. On the other, I realize that how I respond to my circumstances and the activities I choose in light of them establishes who I am and what I value (independently of what I might think or claim is important.)

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