Figuring out why people aren’t visiting

If people aren’t getting to your website is it because:

a. You’re wrestling to gain critical mass for a tribe – the content is awesome but no one knows about it (yet)?


b. The content stinks and no one  in the [dwindling] tribe wants to share it? They won’t explicitly tell you but their lack of sharing is the evidence.


c. The tribe is [explicitly] asking for something different but you’re content to just keep doing what you’ve always been doing?

For (a), I think the amount of time and effort you’re putting in on social media plays a big part. And, whether anybody other than your friends are picking anything up. Also organic visits via search will tell you if people are actively looking for what you’re publishing.

For (b), I think watching analytics is a factor and seeing how much referral traffic is being generated. Are people (not just your friends) willing to tell others about what you’re doing and advocate for you?

For (c), you likely need to ask some trusted friends or tribe members for some candid feedback on how to make things better and find the value-add sweet spot.


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