6 Reasons to Attend Indigitous Waterloo


If you are a Christian and live in North America consider these 6 reasons for joining me at Indigitous Waterloo from November 5-7. (A day pass for Nov 6 is available).

1. The Goal

Indigitous is about helping Christians everywhere use and leverage digital strategies to grow in their faith and to help others discover Jesus. Exciting!

2. The speakers

– CEO Don Van Meer took his company on a transformation to go completely digital.
РEsteban Contreras is the Director of Strategy at Sprinklr and knows social media inside out.
– Matt Brubaker is bringing the Jesus Film to millions with his app.
– Elle Pyke has put on TEDx events and is passionate about helping small churches use social media.

3. The tone

The tone won’t be preachy. It’ll be insightful, quick and collaborative. I’m especially excited about the Live Learning sessions on the afternoon of the 6th where 9 speakers will share 15 minute talks with practical ideas from their experience.

4. The Venue

We’re meeting right in the heart of Canada’s Silicon Valley in the same building as Google and other major world tech players, including over 60 startups. If we’re going to use digital strategies to see the gospel spread we need to be right there with the movers and shakers. In this environment, ideas and innovation can really flow.

5. The Friendships

This is a great opportunity to rub shoulders with other Christians trying to have an impact. I’ve found the types of connections these events generate last for years.

6. The Collaboration

When like-minded people get in the same room there’s some to be synergy. I’m expecting new ideas, partnerships and projects to be spun out from 48 hours of engagement.

Hope to see you in Waterloo in a few weeks! (Register here)


2 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Attend Indigitous Waterloo

  1. hello, unfortunately i’m not from North America – i’m from Russia.Do you know – is it possible or is it plan to make a record the conference seminars or meetings? is it possible to listen or watch this?

    nice to see your blog!

    Daniel , Saint Petersburg, Russia


    1. Yes, I think the sessions will be recorded.

      Note: We are having an event in Wisla, Poland at the beginning of May, that might be more accessible to you as well. http://www.indigitous.org/spring-2014-events/#Wisla


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