I think what separates the men from the boys, the winners from the losers, is often the courage to simply ask.

“Would you give $5000 to help eliminate poverty in our city tonight?”

“Will you find 4 couples to join you at our fundraising dinner?”

“Could you do it for 10% less if I paid cash today?”

“Can you personally write 5 friends asking them to watch our awareness video?”

Feeling stuck today? Muster up the courage to make 3 big asks and anticipate the results!


2 thoughts on “Asking

  1. I don’t think the separation of men from the boys is in the asking, but more so in the courage to give a CLEAR ask. The prime example of this is the guy who says “Would you like to go out sometime?” vs “Would you like to have dinner with me Friday night?” The first is much easier but also vague enough to devoid me of any real obligation to follow through on my yes. “Sometime” is by definition anytime, so I can say yes without any real plans. The clear ask is risky (hence the courage) but you get results.


  2. Great point Karin. I think if I were to re-write the post I would say that the asking would need to be clear and specific.

    Thanks for sharpening my thinking.


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