Blood pressure

A few years back my father went to see the doctor for a routine checkup. The checkup revealed high blood pressure levels.

Exercise and diet modifications were prescribed as essential treatments as to avoid future complications and problems. My dad set out immediately to get running and be more careful around his intake. He knew his long-term health was at stake.

What would happen if your leadership blood pressure was taken?

Would it reveal activities that needed to be activated immediately or reduced indefinitely?

Learning twitter. Communicating by video to your staff. Inbox zero. Making meeting agendas. CRM. Mobile.

Continuously hitting send/receive. Informational meetings. Paper memos. Synchronous communication. Legalese. Desktops.

Failure to adjust to what your blood pressure checkup is telling you might mean your cause could become irrelevant in five-years if you don’t start or stop something today.

What do you need to start or stop today?


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