5 practical tips – If I was your geek…

If you hired me as your geek, some of what I might show you.

1. Gmail shortcuts. Learn how to check, send and file email without ever using your mouse. Every time you reach for your mouse, you burn valuable seconds. They keys, c, j, k and s should become your best friends.

2. The find feature in every modern browser. Command + F or Ctrl + F. Expedite getting to the location on a page that really matters.

3. Conditional formatting in Google Spreadsheets. Most people use spreadsheets because they are a convenient way to create a table. Automatically adding colour to the table when values change can make the information actionable and/or insightful without added mental work.

4. Putting as many documents as possible in Dropbox. Your computer could be lost, stolen or die tomorrow. Most of you reading this would be crippled if this happened. It is avoidable. Install it today.

5. Lastpass. “The last password you’ll ever need.” Most people don’t realize that storing passwords in your browser is silly and unsafe (in my opinion). Making sure I never use the same password for any site is only possible with the help of such a tool. As a bonus, it makes it really easy to safely share logins without needing to transmit passwords in plain text.


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