A poor carpenter blames the tools

The real test is if I gave you only:
  • a mailing list or
  • a blog or
  • a twitter stream or
  • an online community or
  • a social profile or
  • a location-based app

… could you use it effectively to influence others?  That’s right, you only get one.

Real carpenters can use whatever tools you give them and make lots of valuable things.

Many people affiliated with your cause will tell you that they’ll start being collaborative and more effective once you give them better tools.

Tools help, but leaders who are collaborative will use whatever platform you give them in a value-added way.  Keep your eye out for these people, you want them on your team.

I’m all for better tools.  Yes, we need them.  I love making them.  I’m simply realizing having an amazing tool in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it isn’t much help.  Inferior tools in the hands of real carpenters still work.  Just look at Craigslist.


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