I don’t bring my Bible to church anymore…

… at least my hard copy.

As a man of faith, and faithful church goer, I thought I should alert you to an insight I recently made.  It’s this – I don’t actually think about packing anything with me, including my Bible, on Sunday morning anymore.

YouVersion has a killer mobile app that puts umpteen translations right in my pocket and allows me to find passages faster than I can with my hardcopy.

The ESV study Bible cost me $10 bucks and is also available on my phone.  Great resource.

If you are a leader of one of the non-profits known as a church – heads up.


2 thoughts on “I don’t bring my Bible to church anymore…

  1. I still carry mine. It provides a good surface to write notes on using the weekly note-taking outline. I don’t open it. I can read YouVersion on my mobile phone so much more easily.


  2. I actually preached with just my mobile phone. Youversion is now allowing you to download the NIV for free this month! Amazing!

    I did have a problem accessing the Bible during the sermon on Sunday. I assume that was because there is heavy usage of YouVersion on Sunday mornings around 11am Central US time.


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