MacBookAir: So far so good

I’ve been experimenting with a MacBookAir as my primary [only] computer for about three weeks.  Here’s my experience.


– The battery is excellent.  I’ve found I have not had to be too consious about power monitoring.  It sure goes a while without needing a charge.  I don’t worry about the battery draining even when the lid is closed (it seems pretty good with that).

– The first time I rebooted, I had a “wow” experience.  Start-up and shut-down is lightning quick.

– Ultra-portable.  I definitely took a few pounds out of my back pack.  It’s so light and easily to bring anywhere.

– The startup coupled with the portability makes it a no-brainer to whip out even for the smallest of tasks.

– Has everything I’ve always enjoyed about Macs.


– When used it the first day, it seemed to take longer that it should have to sync my dropbox and a few other things.  It may have been an isolated incident with my internet connection that day.

– I stayed at a hotel this week with only wired internet in the rooms.  Thankfully they had wireless in the lobby.


– I haven’t used my iPad since getting the MacBookAir.

– I’m using the 11″, 64GB model.

– I do almost everything through the browser and so far this is a great device for me.

What is your experience with the MacBookAir?


9 thoughts on “MacBookAir: So far so good

  1. Good to hear great things about the MBA. I have been thinking about that as a replacement for my 2007 MBP which is still lightning fast but the portability isn’t great. However I wouldn’t want to let go of all the Firewire, ExpressCard34, full-DVI, and matte screen. Seems I still need a workhorse that is portable for video editing.

    How does it feel to have something that can sit on its own, not having to be propped or held all the time (compared to the iPad)?


    1. I don’t think you would want the MBA for video editing. Like I said, most of what I do is in the browser so it works well.

      It feels great to have something that doesn’t need to be held etc… like the iPad. I think because I do so much typing, the MBA is a better fit.

      However, I am seeing iPads all over the place these days.


  2. It may just be my experience but my start up and shutdown times have not been that great with the new MBA 13″. Maybe I should start testing it and timing them.


    1. Interesting. As mentioned in the post, I’ve been very impressed. From a verbal count, it seems about 10-15 seconds to do a complete restart for me. In my opinion, that’s pretty good.


  3. Keep up the reviews as I’m about to take the plunge myself. Any insight into how much RAM I need?


    1. I just went with 2GB and it’s working fine so far. Depends if you’d be doing anything intensive or not. If you’re like me and mostly use the browser, than 2 is fine in my opinion.


  4. Posting this with my new MacBook Air!! Loving how light it is!!!!


  5. Congrats Rich. Hope you enjoy it.


  6. I’m thinking of getting the 13″ MBA too… And passing my current 13″ MBP to my wife. Esp since we’re not going to be able to lug our iMac w us when we come to Orlando.


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