Making our visual tools mobile

Students with mobile phones

Yesterday I had dinner with a colleague who was a scope of reaching students on over 100 campuses in one of the world’s largest (non North American) cities.

I asked her, “what technological accelerators would help you in your ministry?”

Her answer, “get all our visual tools (videos, cards, pamphlets, stories) onto mobile devices.” She talked about how a significant percentage of students in her city had internet enabled phones and used them to pass around all sorts of content in their dormitories.

Talk about a huge opportunity for helping students reach other students in getting your message out!

What are you hearing about scalable ways to get your message out to students globally?

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1 thought on “Making our visual tools mobile

  1. I agree. Mobile is essential for reaching the rest of the world in the technology sphere because, unlike North America, wired infrastructure isn’t so widespread.


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