What needs to be true for this to work?

Two recent articles have really got me thinking about effective ways to work with teams at formulating strategy.

The Theory of the Case

My Eureka Moment with Strategy

The articles emphasize getting team members to agree on what would need to be true in order to move towards a strategy or proposed vision.  In this way, a lot of subjective banter, politicking, fear and other things can be set aside for objective evaluation and discussion of a proposal.

I often find there are many underlying assumptions that aren’t understood or grasped when someone proposes or disagrees with a strategy or tactic.  Being highly intuitive, I think I can get frustrated with others when they “just don’t get it” or I have trouble explaining the implications of how I see the world.

I’m excited to try this method of working at formulating strategy as I think it might be able to help get at core issues in strategy formulation and leave behind baggage that so often permeates meetings.


1 thought on “What needs to be true for this to work?

  1. I look forward to you trying this with me:)


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