What’s the next step?

The work I do requires that I fundraise to cover the costs of my employment (including my salary).  I’m in the midst of a season of concentrated time on fundraising.

As I walk through this process with my wife, we often find ourselves asking, “What’s the next step?”  As we interact with our database of faithful ministry partners and new potential partners it can be easy to get overwhelmed at the number of contacts to keep and make, letters to send and calls to schedule.

Rather that getting overwhelmed, for each person and context that comes up we simply ask, “What’s the next step?”.

  • Is the next step to start sending them our newsletter?
  • Is the next step to send an anniversary card?
  • Is the next step to call them and thank them for their years of faithful giving?
  • Is the next step to ask them for an increase?
  • Is the next step to ask them for an appointment?
  • Is the next step drop them a line on Facebook?
  • Is the next step to make a note to follow-up the letter we just sent?

Breaking down the task of fundraising into small steps helps us see the humanity behind each donor record and charts a clear course of action in helping us be fully funded.

Note: TntMPD is a great, free, tool for managing contact and donation information.


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