Leading and influencing me

  • I will read all of your tweets on my TweetDeck.
  • I will skim all of your blog posts on my Google Reader.
  • Foursquare will tell me where you are so I can come join you.
  • I’ll keep my eye on your Facebook status via TweetDeck.
  • If you notify me of a link to a video that’s less than three minutes I’ll start watching it.
  • If you send me an email, I will likely file it for action unless it takes less than two minutes to deal with.
  • If you send me mail, I’ll likely read it next Saturday alongside the pizza coupons.

Want to lead and influence me.  I’ve just told you how.

I work at helping students invest their lives in good causes.  I’m told, on average, worldwide, students spend six hours a day online.  I’ve been invigorated today by four conversations about using new mediums to reshape the way we are delivering our message.

Help your organization influence better by knowing what methods your audience is most influenced by.

(Note: I’m not a student, I’m not saying these are the best ways to reach students, I’m just telling you the world I live in).


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