3 things I hope will be true of my leadership this week

As another week begins I’m thinking about what kind of character I want to come through in my leadership this week.

1. Solutions – As someone who is good at seeing everything that is broken and wrong, I’m going to be intentional about painting a practical picture of what could be, not merely crying doom and gloom about the brokenness around me.

2. Courage – To have hard conversations, to make tough decisions. To lead up when it would just be safer to not challenge the status-quo. I’m not being paid to be a yes-man. With courage, I must call it like it is and not back down when issues need to be addressed.

3. Intellectual Flexibility – To be willing to have my box stretched. To recognize that my teammates and colleagues have excellent suggestions and different ways of looking at the problems that together we can solve. Realizing the way I see things isn’t always the whole picture or the way forward.

What characteristics will be true of your leadership this week?


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