Getting out of bed

What got you out of bed this morning?

Was it the challenge or raising donations for your cause? The lure of travel and expanding the footprint of your cause? The excitement of planning a conference about your cause?


Was it the divorced woman trying to rebuild her life who called her landlord to pay her rent in two installments instead of one to optimize cash flow and get out of debt? Was it the student who turned down a summer internship at a Fortune 500 to bring hope to a village in Asia? Was it the young man dumping a life of getting drunk each weekend in favour of living for something greater than momentary satisfaction.

Raising money, growing an organization and networking with like-minded folks are great things and need to get done. We can genuinely enjoy them. However, I got out of bed this morning to see life change and so that others could experience life. So that others could realize that there’s more than they’re currently experiencing.

Don’t confuse the means with the end.


2 thoughts on “Getting out of bed

  1. Thanks for the challenge Russ. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees, to see the end game in the middle of the tough plays, to keep the eye on the prize. Thanks for providing me with that reminder this morning 🙂


  2. We all need reminders to ‘zoom out’ and see the big picture…
    Too often we get caught up with the details , and sometimes even seduced by the excitement of immersing ourselves in the nitty-gritties… that we forget what we are really pursuing, or what we’re about.

    Thx Russ for this post.


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