I’ve been thinking a lot recently about legacy. As I watch some dear friends pass on it’s made me stop and think about my life, priorities and purpose.

Three things I’ve picked up from people I think have left a legacy.

1. Generous – Those leaving a legacy have a trail that follows them of blessing others. They share freely, invite liberally and have a mentality that what they have has been entrusted to them to bless others with. This is not to say these people aren’t penny pinchers or know how to make a good dollar. It simply means that they rejoice in helping others succeed alongside themselves.

2. Investment – Those leaving a legacy seems to spend their time and money “doing things that matter”. They aren’t the person that sits on the couch all Saturday watching the tube. They aren’t trolling Facebook to see who they can impress. They’re out there with the regular Joes, pouring into things that don’t merely benefit their personal bottom line, but rather others. They are looking out for the family with special needs, the single mom who needs a break or the village that needs some funds for the basics. They have conversations that count and are driven by something more than making themselves famous.

3. Character – Those leaving a legacy are respected because the man at home is the same as the man at the office is the same as the man at church. They can be trusted as people of their word, doing what they say they will do. They are respectful, full of integrity and constantly seeking to be pure in motive. In short, you can trust your kids, daughter, money, loyalty with these people.

I pray that I would be a man and leader that lives out each of these three things and ultimately leaves a legacy.

From your perspective, what are the ingredients of leaving a legacy?


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