A lot of leaders hang out here, including key members of your tribe.

If you don’t show up, you can bet someone else has captured the attention of people you desperately want to influence. That means someone else’s influence and ideas are getting more airtime than yours. This isn’t necessary bad, but provides a potential high impact opportunity should you choose to seize it.

I had a good chat with my boss* today, where I told him straight up, that I’d read his every blog post and tweet if he showed up. Frankly, others are getting more of my think time than he is.

Note: Those in the blogosphere, generally have room for more people with good ideas. Capture our attention, we’re giving you permission and the opportunity. We’ll even spread them if the ideas are good.

*By the way, I love my boss, we have a great working relationship. He’s thinking about it.


1 thought on “Blogosphere

  1. Convicting. Wise words Russ.


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