Location Agnostic

Can people engaged in your cause connect with each other independent of location? How many clicks does it take to connect them?

  • Do they need to know what time zone the person is in before initiating contact?
  • Must they look up the person’s phone number, email address or handle before initiating contact?
  • Do they need to install special software to bridge the communication?

Today’s platform’s enable people to connect without any awareness of location or particulars.

Last week I was in a hotel near our headquarters. I needed to connect with a colleague. There was simply a big “call” button flashing on my web browser’s screen. I had no idea where he was, what his phone number was or what devices I might be able to connect with him on.

It turns out, he was three timezones away, working at a student centre from his laptop. I was tethering an internet connection from my phone to my laptop. We enjoyed a five minute video conference, solved our problem and went on with our business.

Choose platforms that don’t care about your location.


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