Four ways to finish well with your team

I’m in the process of wrapping up with a team that I’ve been leading for over three years. Here are a few things that I’m trying to keep in mind during the transition process.

Celebrate – It’s important to come together as a team and celebrate your time and accomplishments together. A team meeting combined with a meal is a great way to bring relational closure for the group.

Look back – Intentionally reminisce or formally list with your team all the accomplishments you’ve made together. This is sort of like standing on the mountain top and reliving the climb upwards together. This will bring memories and stories of all the battles you’ve fought together. For my team, we had a blast remembering what some of the screenshots of our systems looked like in years past and what they’ve become today.

Look forward – Get excited about how your team has been setup to strategically embrace the future. The world is not ending, your mission carries on and each team member has a role to play in continuing to work with the skills and training they’ve received under your direction. Entrust them to continue on the task you’ve been leading them in.

Individually recognize – Consider the accomplishments of each person on the team. Be sure to highlight how each person has helped the team get to where it is today. Simple words of affirmation can do this.

What have you done to finish well with your teams during times of transition?


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