Will you double your cause’s impact by 2020?

I was intrigued by the article Coca-Cola marketing shifts from impressions to expressions. The article, about consumer engagement is excellent in today’s shifting social media landscape.

However, that wasn’t what caught my attention. Buried within the article is the fact that Coke is trying to double it’s business by 2020! I’ve travelled a lot and have never been more than a few kilometers from a Coke, and yet, Coca-cola wants to sell more!? How can they? Could there possibility be any bellies that have not tasted coke? Apparently.

I sat back, reflected, and was motivated about the causes I’m involved in. They are much more significant than Coke. If Coke has that kind of vision, how much more necessary is it that your cause double it’s impact in the years leading up to 2020?


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