How do you celebrate with a virtual team?

Recently my team worked hard to meet some key deadlines. However being a virtual team, we weren’t able to go out for pizza, drinks etc… right after we met our goals.

I still wanted to value my team and take time to celebrate our accomplishments. So, I asked the Twitterverse what they thought a virtual team could do to celebrate.

One friend, via Twitter, suggested everyone bring their favourite drink and snack and have a party.  So that’s what we did. I gave each team member five bucks to go to the corner store and get a something to eat. We then gathered, online, via group video chat.

I was skeptical at how this would go. It turned out great. Each team member brought something and shared about why it was their favourite snack. We even learned some quirky things about each other in the process. We had social conversation, just like you would at a party, the bar or around the water cooler.

I walked away smiling as I think we took one step forward in the complexities of working together a virtual team and could celebrate the great work each person has contributed.


3 thoughts on “How do you celebrate with a virtual team?

  1. Really cool Russ. Thanks for a good idea. I agree that celebrating major events is a significant part of leading a team.


  2. I second that! This concept of exploring ways to celebrate as a virtual team is very worthwhile, and an important part of healthy collaboration.


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