Three phrases you’ll hear a lot this year

If you’re trying to move a non-profit forward or you’re hanging around with me, here’s three ideas I’m going to be emphasizing this year.

1. Is it social? People need to be able to talk about your cause and share it with others.  Harness the power of your biggest fans to promote your cause.  People influence people.  Give the people the ability to promote your cause within spaces they live everyday.

2. Is it mobile? My phone is never more than 3 meters with me about 99% of the time.  All the data is showing that I’m not alone.  Figure out what your biggest value action is for your cause and make it dead-simple to do on a mobile device.

3. How many clicks did it take? I’ve realized that it takes far too many clicks to get involved with many good causes (including ones I’m responsible for).  I recently watched someone try to sign-up for one of our trips.  I thought it was easy.  University-aged digital natives struggled.  The barrier needs to be so low to get involved with your cause that it takes only a few (and I’m going to start counting them) clicks to take the first step.

What ideas are you emphasizing in the acceleration of your cause?


4 thoughts on “Three phrases you’ll hear a lot this year

  1. Great thoughts Russ. I quoted your first point in an email to our Winter Conference team on how we need to make it easy for students to share about what they experienced at Winter Conference (by posting videos, photos, talks on Facebook).


  2. Love the 3rd point.. has been a countage of mine for awhile now. love that the tech side of our ministry is going to look out for this too.


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