Online Travel Toolbox

Not using these travel tools?  Start now.  They’ll save you time.

Hipmunk – Hipmunk makes finding flights fun.  Their user interface is so intuitive and so unlike the mainstream clunky tools you’ll find.  Once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop.  They present options in a gantt-like format that is super intuitive.  Quick Demo (2 min) |  Formal Demo (11 min)

TripIT –  Instead of providing an easy way to enter and track travel plans, TripIT makes it simple by eliminating the data entry and doing it for you.  You can setup TripIT to monitor your email and import your travel plans automatically.  They have a great app for mobile phones that ensures I always know when and where I’m going.

Yapta – Put in a flight you’re thinking of taking and Yapta will monitor the price for you.  (Works for refunds too!)

That’s my best shot at giving my readers a Christmas gift of time savings.  What other online travel tools do you use?


3 thoughts on “Online Travel Toolbox

  1. Thanks for the great review of hipmunk (and links to a pair of videos about us). We trust your readers will indeed find it a useful travel tool, but just in case they have any feedback, I want to invite you all email us about anything hipmunk-related: is there to make your flight search experience as agony-free as possible!


  2. I like using to let me know which seats are good and what equipment the plane has. This helps with personal and kids expectation management 🙂 and also can lead to a much more comfortable flight by choosing the right seat, since some airlines let you do that in advance now.

    I really like the hipmunk interface. I think you meant to type “gantt” instead of “gnatt” – as it’s not much like a gnat 😉 The tabbed itinerary feature is great. Thanks for the tip!


  3. @Eric, thanks for the tip about Will be very useful. I didn’t know about it.

    (I’ve also corrected the ‘gantt’ typo.)

    @all – here’s a great video of the features of TripIT that was just launched.


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