What’s over the horizon?

“But slowly but surely, our lives, businesses and society are in the process of a wholesale reconfiguration in the way we perceive and apply technology.” – Ray Ozzie

Thanks to friends Keith and Brian for the heads up on two foundational articles non-profit operational leaders should be thinking about.  These are especially important for those who like to think about technological accelerators.  Set aside 30 minutes to simmer on their ideas.

Ray Ozzie on the dawn of a new day and what a post-PC world will be like.  [Lengthy, but interesting]

  • A post-PC world based on a combination of Continuous Services and Connected Devices (see Keith’s summary)
  • Tomorrow’s experiences will be inherently transmedia & trans-device
  • Ray sees, “an expansive future… a future of amazing, pervasive cloud-centric experiences delivered through a world of innovative devices that surround us.”

Don Dodge on the next big thing [5-7 minute read, very practical]

  • Mobile – billions of connected devices, carried everywhere we go
  • Browser – operating systems will become less important as developers have a set of standards to develop against for a rich browser-based experience
  • Google Apps – “Pay-as-you-go” computing will hit the enterprise

What are you seeing over the horizon?


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