Class of 2014 – The Tablet Class?

So the new toy on the recent family vacation was, you guessed it, a tablet computer.

Within two minutes of arrival, one of my wife’s cousins bee-lined it towards me and happily announced he had just received a tablet as a going to university present (not bad, eh?!).

Later I quizzed him, “so will this be your computer at school?”

“Yup,” he replied.  “I got the bluetooth keyboard as well.  My tablet will be like my laptop.  I’ll keep my laptop in my room and use it like a desktop.”

As I watched everyone poke around the tablet during the week I observed they mostly played games, checked Facebook, broadcasted YouTube videos or pulled it out to look up the phone number of the local pub that advertised 10 cent shrimp during happy hour.

If you’re trying to reach college students, watch out, the class of 2014 is expecting that they’ll see you on the tablet.


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