What if…

What if…

  • every volunteer could share their story virally?
  • you could start a tribe for our cause without ever meeting a staff member or leaving your house?
  • our staff and volunteers made presentations to donors using iPads?
  • we used tripit.com to see which people in our organization just happened to be “in town”?
  • there was an summer incubator project where we mobilized the brightest students and gave them 10k each to create mobile apps for our cause?
  • even old people could engage in our mission, online?
  • there was 24-hour channels of prayer requests and celebration stories?
  • a donor could watch their well being dug or food being delivered from their Android while they ride the subway home?
  • 100s of staff and volunteers blogged each week about things they were trying and failing at?
  • I could chat with any volunteer for our cause, from any country, without language being a barrier?

Taking a hour with your team to ask “what if…” goes a long way in realizing you aren’t just there to code, process donations, run reports or give training.  An operations team can give tremendous lift to the mission by thinking “what if…”


3 thoughts on “What if…

  1. I was thinking about putting filming some students’ testimonies before I head out to do MPD again this summer, so I can show the video on my iPhone during my presentation. What’s better than letting the students tell their own stories?


  2. Hey Russ,

    I really think it would be cool if all staff were mandated to have iphone/ipodtouch/ipad that we could show gospel videos on during randoms.

    I want one of these devices, but dont see it as necessary for my work right now, so i think buying one would just be because a) i want to keep up with the jones’ and so i feel cool. but if i really had a ministry reason for it, that would be awesome.


  3. Interesting Post Russ. Thanks for helping me to think through the what if’s.


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