Is your stuff in a plastic bag?

Last fall I was on a overnight canoe trip with some students in our ministry.  On the last leg of the journey we hit some rough waters and my amateur inability to cut the waves at the right angle caused our canoe to flip.  Both passengers and the gear we were transporting was immersed in the water.

The stuff not stored in dry-packs was pretty soaked.  Some people had books, journals and other personal things that were damaged.

In struck me that a simple five-cent plastic bag could have saved many dollars of damage and inconvenience.  Had I suggested they enclose their books and journals in a cheap plastic bag they would have survived the journey as cargo under my care.  I had my stuff in plastic but failed to tell others to do the same.

Plastic bags are cheap but provide a great first line of defense against bag things that can happen.  This incident got me thinking of the stuff I need to make sure to put in plastic bags as a non-profit operations leader.

– Making sure my files backed up using an external hard drive stored away from home or online method like DropBox (affiliate link)

– Making sure my computer and phone are protected by a password in case they get stolen

– Encouraging our staff and volunteers to use SSL by default for their email

What are some things you make sure to protect with plastic bags?


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