4 Bloggers I think you should engage with

1. They have signifcantly influenced my thinking on life, God, innovation, strategy and ministry
2. They add value to my life
3. They connect me with others who add value to my life

Seth Godin – His daily posts are guaranteed to make you think and challenge you away from mediocrity.  If you want to influence others, understand web 2.0 and social media implications for leadership and organizations, Seth offers an enormous amount of insight.

Matt Perman – I follow Matt’s blog because he posts tons of useful links that make me a better leader, follower, husband and technologist.  He gives great summaries of the most relevant articles from many major blogs and sources.  He also posts a ton about non-profits and organizational leadership, which I benefit a lot from.

Michael Hyatt – Michael is the CEO of a large publishing company.  His posts help me be a better leader and more productive.  He gives practical advise that is not only relevant for top level executives, but also for everyday guys like me.  Although very powerful and influential, Micheal writes with an authenticity that makes you feel like he’s the guy on the block who everyone loves.  (He likely is).

Brian Barela – If you’re following this blog because you’re interested in helping university students discover Jesus, Brian will make you think about how to do it better and offer lots of insights into running a campus ministry.  Brian is passionate about using relevant methods for the greatest effectiveness.


2 thoughts on “4 Bloggers I think you should engage with

  1. Good post Russ–I was already with you on 3 of the 4. I’ll check out Matt Perman.


  2. thanks so much russ for the encouraging words!

    i just added matt perman to my rss feed–didn’t know about him. thanks for the recommendation!


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