Influence my reading list for 2010 via Google Wave

In response to my post about my goals for 2010 people inquired about what books I’m reading or wondering if they can influence what I read.

So, I’ve create a public Google Wave entitled “Russ Martin’s 2010 List of books of recommended books to read“.  Feel free to have a peak at what I’m considering reading or add something to my list, I’m always looking for suggestions.

The wave is embedded below (if you are logged into Wave).  Of course, comments, emails and phone calls are valid ways to make recommendations as well.

[wave id=”!w+3xkBUEvjC” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” font=”Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” server=””%5D

Update:  If you are having trouble getting to the wave, try a wave search for  “with:public ‘Russ Martin'”.


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