What I learned from texting my brother

Here’s a text (SMS) conversation with my brother from this past weekend.  He’s a senior at Brock University.

Russ: What’s up dog?

Trevor: Not too much, just watching some YouTube on atheism and also some other pastors who were recommended by some friends.


1. Discipleship happens at all hours of the day.  In this case, via YouTube, at 10am on Saturday morning.

2. My brother is actively looking for content online.  It makes me wonder what our organization has online in terms of helping students discover Jesus, comparatively evaluating religions and helping students grow in their faith.

3. My brother seems to watch YouTube just like he would TV.  His comments give me the impression that he’s surfing around YouTube for content on atheism.

4. Friends tell friends.  If you want to influence students, you better understand this.


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